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Thomas Edison once said that "we don't know half of one millionth of one per cent about anything." In today's computer driven businesses there are times when you may feel like you know only one trillionth of one per cent about what system is best for you. This is where Computer Systems Group, Ltd. (CSG) can help. From System Software and Web Development to System Administration to Network Design and Management, CSG acknowledges that our success is knowing better than anyone else what is best for small, medium, and large businesses or government organizations. It is our knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence from concept through implementation and system maintenance that can make a difference for you and your organization.

CSGs commitment to its customers:

In any business climate, it is extremely important for companies to project an image that inspires confidence. At CSG, we pride ourselves on encouraging a spirit of teamwork with our company and our clients. Our goal is to be the benchmark for excellence in every aspect of our business by attracting and developing the most talented employees who are dedicated to excellence, integrity and innovation. CSG will strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by creating an environment of mutual trust and respect to maximize success.


Customization and Enhancement: CSG is dedicated to solving client problems in the most cost-effective, expedient manner without jeopardizing our resolve to excellence. We believe in customizing and enhancing existing or off-the-shelf software and hardware whenever practical, and always with the same craftsmanship and dedication as designing a new system.