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Computer Systems Group, Ltd. is a Computer Engineering consulting firm specializing in Enterprise wide Information Security and Administration. CSG provides the solutions and expertise to establish a sound security strategy that carefully balances business needs with security requirements. CSG can provide a review of all perimeter systems and mission critical servers to evaluate and mitigate potential risks from malicious activity and attackers.

CSG has a staff with extensive experience in the following areas:

Computer System Security: CSG utilizes commercial and open tool sets to detect system security vulnerabilities. CSG can provide a comprehensive review of all possible technical and administrative vulnerabilities as well as system mis-configurations that can be leveraged to launch an attack against critical data and information systems.

  • Enterprise Security Architecture.
  • Security and Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Penetration Testing Scanning.
  • Virus Assessments.
  • Ongoing Evaluations and Readiness Testing.

Network Security: CSG provides the solutions and expertise to detect and block malicious activity through firewall and Intrusion Detection. CSG can provide a review of all perimeter activity to determine if there is malicious intent or normal network traffic. If an event is detected that requires further investigation CSG has the knowledge to perform a forensics analysis to determine the extent of an intrusion to ensure that critical system data has not been compromised.

  • Host and Network Security.
  • Firewall Systems and Evaluation.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems and Evaluation.
  • System Forensics.
  • Core layer, Distribution layer, and Access layer Router Assessment and Evaluation.

System and Network Administration: Mission-critical enterprise-scale applications form the backbone of an organization. Nowhere is this more important than servers, the most heavily loaded, most stressed systems and the ones for which organizations can least afford poor performance, weak scalability, significant downtime, un-manageability, or security breaches. CSG understands how to apply the industry best administrative and security practices to maintain a high level of system integrity and overall system health. CSG will take advantage of the strengths of Unix, Linux, and Microsoft systems to ensure customer satisfaction. Our vast knowledge of System design, maintenance and development will help your organization succeed.

  • System Architecture and Design
  • Administration and Maintenance
  • Software Development
  • System Performance

Computer Forensics: Computer Forensics is much more than recovering lost, damaged or deleted data. For the data to be used in any legal or human resources dispute, it must be captured and preserved in its' original state. We employ legally tested methods of validating and analyzing this data so our discovered evidence and expert testimony can be used in a court of law. Other forensics services that we offer include data preservation, investigation, imaging, analysis, and expert testimony.

Data Recovery Services: Whether your research paper is on a computer which will no longer boot or you have deleted those special images from your digital camera, CSG can help. We cannot guarantee that we can recover everything that you have lost, but we can guarantee we will recover everything possible. Media types supported include:

CSG employees currently hold various levels of security clearances.