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Computer Forensics at CSG

Computer Forensics is much more than recovering lost, damaged or deleted data. For the data to be used in any legal or human resources dispute, it must be captured and preserved in its’ original state. We employ legally tested methods of validating and analyzing this data so our discovered evidence and expert testimony can be used in a court of law.

                                                                                                                                              Computer Forensic Capabilities

Retrieval of E-Mails, Hidden Files and Documents

  • E-mails can be recovered from a computer that only viewed them, including Web-based email like Hotmail & Gmail.
  • A forensic examiner can retrieve files that are disguised, hidden, password protected or encrypted
  • Recovery of deleted files as it is possible for deleted files to persist for years on a computer

Examination of Internet Activity

  • A Forensic examiner can pick through the traces of data left on a computer by web browsing and document what pages were viewed, what they contained and when they were accessed.

Computer Usage History

  • Chronological reports of what programs and files were accessed and what a user did with them
  • Discovery of viruses, spy ware, keystroke monitors or “backdoor” remote access programs

We Offer:

  • Data Preservation
  • Investigation
  • Imaging
  • Analysis
  • Expert Testimony

Contact us at forensics@csgltd.com