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Information Security at CSG

Computer System Security: CSG provides the solutions and expertise to establish a sound security strategy that carefully balances business needs with security requirements. CSG utilizes commercial and open toolsets to detect system security vulnerabilities. CSG can provide a comprehensive review of all possible technical and administrative vulnerabilities that can be leveraged to launch an attack against critical data and information systems and holes that often may be overlooked.

  • Security and Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Penetration Testing Scanning.
  • Virus Assessments.
  • Ongoing Evaluations and Readiness Testing.
  • Unix/Linux Security.
  • Windows Security.
  • SAN Security.

Network Security: CSG provides the solutions and expertise to detect and block malicious activity through firewall and Intrusion Detection. CSG can provide a review of all parimeter activity to determine if there is malicious intent or normal network traffic. If an event is detected that requires further investigation CSG has the knowledge to perform a forensics analysis to determine the extent of an intrusion to ensure that critical system data has not been compromised.

  • Firewall Systems.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems.
  • Host and Network Security.
  • System Forensics.