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Unix Systems at CSG

Unix Systems: Unix supports ever more mission-critical, enterprise-scale applications—applications that must endure and evolve for years to come. Nowhere is this more important than servers, the most heavily loaded, most stressed systems and the ones for which organizations can least afford poor performance, weak scalability, significant downtime, un-manageability, or security breaches. CSG understands how to take advantage of the strength of Unix Systems and how to meet your needs for the future. Our knowledge of Unix System design, maintenance and development will help your organization succeed. CSG is a Sun Professional Systems service partner.


  • Architecture/Design.
  • Requirements.
  • Capacity Planning.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • System Consolidation.
  • System Installation.

Administration and Maintenance

  • Sun Ultra Enterprise Server System.
  • Sun Ultra Enterprise 10000 Administration.
  • RAID Storage Systems - SUN StorEdge Systems, EMC.
  • VERITAS Software.
  • Storage Management / Storage Area Networks.
  • System Performance and Tuning.
  • Unix System Security.
  • Software Integration.
  • Server Hardware Management.
  • Enterprise System Backup.


  • C, C++, Java, Perl.
  • Shell Language Programming (csh, ksh, sh).
  • Graphical User Interface Development.
  • Unix System Programming.
  • Network Application Programming, Sockets, IPC.
  • Database Design and Programming.